Projects completed with our panels


Exterior/ Interiors

lift constructionYou could line all of these with MARBLEDGE Floors, walls, ceilings, doors, operating panels, portals and lift entries. Its low weight (15kg/m²) makes processing fast and easy.
Exhibitions / Trade FairEasy installation and dismantling of large format & lightweight stone panels from one exhibit to the next.Tight time schedule can be kept with precisely prefabricated modules.
Shops / Display StallsFast and easy installation and dismantling of linings or dividers for limited utilization period.MARBLEDGE can be installed in a very short time and equally quickly dismantled, moved and reinstalled in a different place. Thus, savings are made by less lifting equipment and personnel being required.
BookmatchPrecise mirroring is achieved with our stone panels in large formats. Barely possible with conventional natural stone.
Bathroom UpgradeExtremely durable in areas exposed to water.Barely visible joints for floor and shower walls cladding. Installed within a few hours as an upgraded lining, can be bonded to an existing wall lining.
Cruise-liners / Yachts / Mobile homes Trains / AirplanesUnlimited designs for pure luxury Detailed on floors, walls, ceilings, shelves or furniture. The load-bearing capacity of the natural stone panels regarding vibrations or torsion, meets all certification requirementsPrefabrication technology meets extremely tight time schedules.Using dry wall construction echniques, adhesive or wall mounting systems.