Process and Installation Advantages

Several methods of attachment are possible like the bonding techniques and suspension systems that are not common for the conventional marble such as VHB TapesThe process is clean and easy for drywalltechnology, and safe from breakage.
Dismantling / Re-installing
It can be dismantled within minutes for later modifications becomes necessary and re-installed in the same/different place.
Clean, fast and easy process
By commonly available builders circular saw an angle grinder using dry/wet cutting can be processed easily, rapidly & cleanly.Large individual segments of pre-fabricated flooring, wall or furniture components can be easily transported and fitted due to its lightweight and large format.Quick and easy assembly for cladding, renovations, stair components, shops, office bathrooms, kitchens.It can be laid on top of existing surfaces usually possible without the dismantling of old linings or floors.

genuine stone

high impact strength

high flexural strength

easily installed